Meet the Kansans Fueling Kansas

From Kansas corn farmers, truck drivers, fuel station attendants and others, there are many people involved in the production of Kansas-made ethanol. When you buy Kansas-made E15 or other biofuels at the pump, you're saving money and supporting Kansas families and communities. Meet some of the Kansans Fueling Kansas.

Episode 1: Kansans Fueling Kansas

Meet Kansas corn farmer Anita DeWeese. She and her family farm in Pratt County Kansas. DeWeese recognizes that there's "lots of potential with one little seed." DeWeese finds it very rewarding to know that when she fuels up her vehicles with Kansas-made E15 she had a part in the final product.

Episode 2: Kansans Fueling Kansas

Meet Preston Pelkey of Sun Valley Trucks located in Hutchinson, KS. Pelkey recognizes that although Kansas corn is harvested only in the fall, Sun Valley's drivers haul corn year-round. "With ethanol...our employees are going to get a paycheck every week, so their families are in a lot better shape," says Pelkey.

Episode 3: Kansans Fueling Kansas

Meet Thane Combs from Kansas Ethanol located in Lyons, KS. Combs talks about how corn becomes ethanol as well as additional co-products at Kansas Ethanol. While many people think of corn as just a grain, a lot of value can be extracted from every corn kernel. According to Combs, "We take that one kernel and create multiple beneficial products for the agricultural as well as the motor industries."

Episode 4: Kansans Fueling Kansas

Meet Phil Near, owner and president of Jump Start. Near explains why he offers multiple Kansas-made ethanol fuel options to drivers at all 14 of his Jump Start locations. According to Near, he wanted to build a fuel program that would help the consumer. Near believes they've been able to do just that by using ethanol products and offering multiple fuel choices for his customers. "They can choose a gasoline that runs better in their cars, or a gasoline that saves them money, or a higher octane gasoline," says Near.

Episode 5: Kansans Fueling Kansas

Meet Stacy Mayo-Martinez of Kansas Corn. While you might be stumped at the pump with all of your fuel options, according to Mayo-Martinez, you’re already supporting Kansas-made ethanol and may not even know it! “The good news is even if you fill up with Unleaded in Kansas, you have ten-percent ethanol in your fuel, so you’re already getting that ethanol,” says Mayo-Martinez.

Episode 6: Kansans Fueling Kansas

Meet Gabe Goering of Midway Motors. Goering talks about vehicle manufacturer labels and fuel options available for Kansas drivers. Goering points out that while there are many choices at the pump, ethanol offers a number of benefits. "Ethanol actually burns cleaner. It burns at a higher octane rate so it won't hurt your fuel mileage like some of the stronger blends of fuel," says Goering.

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