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It pays to use Kansas fuels.

When you buy Kansas-made mid-grade and premium biofuels fuels, you get more for your money. In fact, you get higher octanes and lower emissions for a lower price than regular unleaded. It's a win-win.


A variety of options

Many fuel retailers are installing pumps that give you a variety of octane options. Kansas fuels costs less than gasoline, so blends with higher percentages of Kansas BioFuel costs less per gallon. 

BioFuels support Kansans

When we produce fuel locally, all Kansans see benefits. Drivers have lower fuel costs, ethanol plants create jobs and investment in local communities, and Kansas farm families have more reliable income through higher corn prices.


Kansas Farm Families

Higher corn prices


Kansas Communities

More local jobs and investment via ethanol plants and retailers


Kansas Drivers

Lower fuel costs

Find a Kansas BioFuel retailer

Retailers across the state are actively adding higher-blend options to their pumps.

Click below to find stations with E15 and higher blends.

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